Zasępa (ed.), Tadeusz

Prof. Tadeusz Zasępa, Ph.D., was born on 23. of April 1946 in Radziechowice in Poland. After graduation with a degree in philosophical-theological studies in Krakow (1971), he continued his studies at the Catholic University in Lublin (1974 – 1977), Washington (1977 and 1981), Geneva (1981) and Milan (1981 – 1983). He made his dissertation from the pastoral theology (Ph.D.) in 1983 at the KUL Lublin, and in 1987 habilitation in the area of pastoral theology – Media Education (Doc.). In 1995 he became an associate professor and in 2001 was nominated as a professor. He mainly deals with contemporary forms of religion communication and theory of mass-media communication. He has established several institutions: the Catholic Radio Lublin in Poland, the Lublin Edition of the weekly Niedziela, Lubelska Szkoła Biznesu – Szkołu Wyższu (later Lubelska Szkoła Wyższa im. Króla Władysława Jagiełły) in Lublin, in 1997 he was granted the prestige award “Man of the Year“ from the International Centre of Biography in Cambridge as the acknowledgement for the service in education and culture. In 2001 the United Cultural Convention of the United States of America nominated him for the Nobel Prize for Peace. In 2004 he won the International Award from the Slovak Academy of Science for contribution to the development of communication and humanistic scien-ces, culture, and arts in Slovakia. In 2008 University of Prešov conferred the title Doctor honoris causa upon him. He is the author of 13 monographs, e.g., in Slovak are published: Média v čase globalizácie (2002), Moc a nemoc médií (2006), Internet a globalizácia (2006), Diplomacia pre žurnalistov (2008), Mediálna výchova (2008), Etika v žurnalistike (2009). He is the professor at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Department of Journalism.